Formosan sika deer

Formosan sika deer (Cervus nippon taiouanus ) is ruminant animals, belonging to mammals Artiodactyla ( Artiodactyla ) deer family ( Cervidae ) genus deer ( Cervus ) , which is the unique subspecies in Taiwan. In 31th year of Wanli Emperor (in 1603), the book “Dong Fan Ji" ( The Eastern Barbarians) written by Chen Di in the late Ming Dynasty, recorded a lot of Formosan Sika deer information. In 1623, the Dutch entered to Taiwan, and started indiscriminate hunting. The catch amount reached 120000 deer skin, and caused near extinction of wild Formosan Sika deer. Due to uninterrupted private deer farm industry, though the deer numbers in farm went decreasing due to the less production of deer antler velvet, the government's plan " to reproduce and release deer into wild", prevents genocide so far.